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Why Zara is my go-to store for shoes

Hey ladies!

How was your Black Friday shopping this year? I am pretty happy with myself, as I manage to control my urge and sticked to my list (ok, with one extra item..).

As Xmas is right around the corner I had been thinking of getting few pair of shoes and while browsing  I obviously ended up with a huge wishlist from Zara (again..). This keeps happening for various reasons and I’m pretty sure it happens to all of you too!

First of all, Zara is a quite affordable brand but still with pretty good quality items, especially if you compare them to their competitors. Yes, there are couple of leather boots around 100$, but give it a month or so till the next sales and you got yourself a deal!

For experienced shoppers and fashion lovers Zara has also another plus: Many of their designs are high brand inspired. So if you can’t afford the Chloe boots this is a very nice alternative!

Another plus for me is whenever I want to try a certain style but don’t know if I’m gonna like it. Instead of spending hundreds on a pair of shoes just because it is in fashion this year I tend to buy a more affordable pair to check first how happy and comfortable I am with it. This year I ‘m trying out the leopard print booties (If you’re reading my blog you already know I’m not a huge fan of animal prints so I wouldn’t spent a fortune on a pair of shoes I’m gonna wear 3-4 times).

What about you? Any shoes on your Zara wishlist for Holidays?



(All images taken straight out of my Zara wishlist on their website)